photo of smiling senior couple with their golf clubs

Downsizing for Peace of Mind

You know in your heart-of-hearts that change is needed.

The home you love is weighing you down. However, the thought of emptying your home leaves you overwhelmed. So does the unimaginable task of separating all the stories, treasures and love that have happened within your home, from the house, itself. Maybe the idea of downsizing is so daunting that you stay put—paralyzed.

Yet leaving things as they are means your feelings of being utterly overwhelmed will remain, too. Sleepless nights will continue from worries about needed repairs. Days will be spent fretting about money paid for heating and cooling rooms that have gone empty, along with increasing taxes for your family-sized house. Out-of-control clutter will remain a struggle. Your adult children will continue to worry about your comfort and safety.

Ashe Organizing Solutions assists seniors through the downsizing challenge with customized plans to suit every need, every situation.

We understand completely and can help.

Our personalized programs were created with you—a downsizing senior—in mind. As your Senior Move Manager™, we’ve got your back. We’ll manage your project every step of the way with solutions tailored to meet your goals. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping soundly, in your new home. After all, life isn’t ending. You’re starting a new chapter by turning a page and putting yourself in a safer, more comfortable space, where you can continue to make memories, share stories and enjoy a simpler lifestyle.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Managing the entire move, from getting estimates to overseeing the actual move

  • Sorting, organizing and unpacking services

  • Arranging donation and recycling drop-offs

  • Securing junk-hauling services

  • Scheduling cleaning services

  • Customizing floor plans for the new residence

  • Establishing monthly check-ins to stop by, problem solve and get things in order, if needed