Shhhh… here’s the inside scoop on The. Best. Holiday. Gift. Ever.

Current supply chain worries aside, the season of giving can be stressful when you’re trying to find the right gifts for your loved ones. Who doesn’t want to be the one to pull out all the stops and give the most thoughtful and exciting presents? Whether you like to shop early or prefer a frantic shopping rush at the last minute, I’ve got a lead on the best gift ever and it will arrive just in time for your special holiday. Warning – it may surprise you.

First, a bit of backstory…

Earlier this year I was presenting a seminar in my local community. When it came to the Q+A session, a kind woman asked, “What should I do with all the coffee mugs my grandchildren love to buy me when they travel? My cabinet is full. I can’t take one more cup, but I don’t know how to tell them.”

My answer was fairly simple: “Ask your grandchildren to skip purchasing any new coffee mugs. Instead, ask them to take you out for a cup of coffee and share all the details of their amazing trips when they get home.”

Similarly, when my team was assisting an elderly couple with their move, we packed up more than 75 ties. We joked about what to do with them, as the husband was no longer wearing them five days a week, and it hit me. What if instead of buying dad or granddad a new tie this holiday, you asked them out for a beer (or drink of their choosing) and invited them to tell you a memorable story about their career? Was there a big project they managed? What surprised them about their time in the workforce? What accomplishment made them feel most proud? Another tie could never compare to this precious time spent together.

Now, back to 2021 gift giving…

If you’re still looking for inspiration, why not give the gift of your time? While it may be easier and feel more traditional to grab a coffee mug or wrap a tie, the most meaningful gift is time spent together, swapping fun stories and creating priceless memories. Should you go this route with your gifting this year, be sure to get a date on the calendar sooner, rather than later. Days have a funny way of passing by in the blink of an eye, and there’s no time like the present to be present with the ones you love.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,


And if you’re looking for some specific, timeless gift ideas…

  • Schedule a movie night and break out home videos, complete with popcorn!
  • Host a family game night with classics like charades and telephone.
  • Pull out a wedding album and ask your loved one about their special day.
  • Schedule a mini-concert by playing a stack of their favorite albums.
  • Buy all the ingredients to make your loved one’s favorite recipe – and make it a special dinner date, complete with candles and good china.
  • Make a craft together – maybe a decoration you can keep forever – and reminisce about your favorite holiday memories.