Psssst, did you hear?

As the dust settles from the holidays and you look to reclaim your space, think twice about holding onto gifts that aren’t you. Did you receive a not-so-special gift? Psst, did you hear? There is no gift police! That’s right; if a gift isn’t right for you or your household, please do not tuck it away as clutter, filling up your home. For as my esteemed colleague, Barbara Hemphill, so brilliantly defined, clutter is postponed decisions. If you genuinely want to get organized this year, we encourage you to gently toss the unwanted treasures now, instead of postponing the decision to another day (or decade). You see, to get organized, you must sort your belongings. What will stay and what will go? The question most professional organizers ask is: “Do you love it, need it, or use it?” Or, as Marie Kondo would ask, “Does it spark joy?” When your answer is a resounding, “NO! I do not love it, need it, or use it, but it was a gift,” we step right in and politely respond, “There is no gift police!” That’s right; our police have more Superman-like activities on their daily TO-DO list. They are not inclined to police what you keep and what you choose to re-gift, donate, or sell. Peter Walsh, a renowned professional organizer, and author is a bit more direct: “If a gift has come to you wrapped in obligations and tied tightly with a ribbon of guilt, then it’s not really a gift at all. It’s a manipulation. A gift should be something freely given that enhances your life and reminds you lovingly of the giver. If it’s not, you simply should not give it a place in your home.” Ha! – So rest assured, no police officer is going to come ticket you, or worse, arrest you, for “disposing” of a gift that just wasn’t right. The bottom line is, do not choose to keep items in your home that you do not love, need, or use, simply because they were gifts. So grab a donation box, a re-gift box, and a sell box and take a good look at those holiday gifts. If you do not love it, you do not need it, or you will not use it, then do not stash the item away, or postpone the decision to let it go! Place the item in the appropriate box and breathe! Once you’ve completed the holiday stash, take a guilt-free tour of your home with a fresh set of eyes. Look for those items that you’ve been holding onto, simply because they were gifts. Place them in the correct box and haul them away to a new home. One that does not have the same address!

Special Considerations: If the item is a family heirloom or has sentimental value, please check to be sure the gift giver, or some other family member, doesn’t want the item before donating, re-gifting, or selling it. And, please do not give away other peoples’ belongings without their permission.

Mmmm…what kind of gift-giver are you? Are you guilty of asking to see “your” gift when you visit a friend or family member’s home? Remember, it is the thought of gift-giving, not the gift itself, that should matter. For future gift-giving opportunities, consider gifting experiences rather than stuff.

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