#10 – Create a gift budget and track your spending to avoid January credit card blues. Discuss with all pertinent family members! 

#9 – Make a gift list and check it twice.  It will help keep you on track with #10.  (Lists aren’t just for jolly, old men in red suits!) 

#8 – Shop Local First! Give an experience gift to create a lifetime memory. (Check out the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce directory for inspiration.) 

#7 – Hire a cleaning service for a one-time holiday spruce up!

#6 – Donate holiday decorations that you no longer need, use, or love. You’ll make someone else’s home a bit brighter. 

#5 – Set-up a wrapping zone, complete with all necessary supplies!

#4 – Update your calendar with school functions, religious functions, fun local activities, and not-to-be-missed adventures. 

#3 – Grab some cash and tip envelopes and gift away to your favorite caregivers, hair stylists, dog walkers, etc. Where would you be without these year-round helpers?   

 #2 – Plan a date night in!  Less stress, PJ attire permitted! 

 #1 – Leave perfection behind! Freshly baked ready-to-bake cookies can be delicious too. Not everything or everyone needs to be perfect.