#10 – Ziplock bags make great storage containers! Bonus points if you use the ones with a label on them!

#9 –  Clear hanging shoe storage bags aren’t just for shoes! (Hang one on the inside of any door for instant storage!)

#8 –  When your storage container fills up, do not go out and purchase another bin! Instead, edit out!

#7 –  Recycle your junk mail before you enter the house. Yep, toss the junk mail in your recycle container first!

#6 –  Use file folders with single position tabs. It’s proven to be more efficient to find the file you’re searching for using this method.

#5 –  Store your coupons and gift cards in your car. You’ll have them with you when you need them!

#4 –  Write it down! For important things to remember, make a note. It’s less stressful than trying to remember!

#3 –  Keep a running grocery store list in a handy location. As you run out of items, jot them down so you’ll be ready for your next grocery trip.

#2 –  Keep it simple. Ditch complex filing systems and awkward shoe storage systems. Keeping it simple means keeping up with it!

#1 –  Give everything you “need, use, or love,” a home of its own.