Declare your independence from everyday clutter with our quick, no brainer list of easy peasy items to ditch this summer. Here’s our Top 10 List of common clutter you can simply let go:

#10 –  Any expired medication and/or food.   

 #9 – Your stash of old rubber bands that break when stretched.    

 #8 – VHS tapes, except those special ones you wish to convert to a DVD format. (Now is the time to get them converted!)    

 #7 – Your National Geographic magazine collection.    

 #6 – Photo albums full of pictures nobody wants anymore.  Digitize the few special ones, or display them!   

 #5 – Any item 2+ years old, new in the box but never used.    

 #4 – An item that has been broken and yet never repaired for years. 

 #3 – High heeled shoes and sandals that are no longer safe for you to wear.    

 #2 – Twist ties, you know, those 25+ stashed in your kitchen junk drawer! While you’re at it, peruse the contents of your junk drawer for other contenders. 

 #1 – Ancient paperwork (e.g., canceled checks, pay stubs, Explanation of Benefits statements, utility bills, adult children’s report cards/SAT scores, etc.) Have a question about paper retention? Ask your accountant and financial advisor.