#10  – Storage Wars – NOT! While reality TV shows may tell a different tale, we have yet to find anything of real value after sifting through boxes and boxes of stuff stored in storage units through the years.


#9  – An empty case of Budweiser beer and some empty vodka bottles, hidden away in the children’s toy closet. Too bad mom chose to clear the clutter, with a professional organizer and discovered the stash. (The kids rational – who would ever look amongst the Barbie dolls?)


#8  – Classic 1950’s Cookbooks – take a peek, not for the recipes but for the hilarious descriptions on how best to prepare yourself and your home for the arrival of the man of the house. Martini anyone?


#7  – We discovered 100’s of DVDs labeled “For Your Consideration”  in one NYC apartment. Fun Fact: these are movies that have been nominated for The Academy Awards (i.e. Oscars). They are distributed to Academy voting members… for their consideration!


#6  – Attic Treasures? Several beautiful hat boxes containing fur stoles, with animal heads attached. A popular 1930’s fashion accessory. Truth be told, they were not actual taxidermied animal heads. They were manufactured facsimiles.


#5  – Found money! Always fun to find money tucked in nooks and crannies. We recently discovered several World War II war bonds. Not sure if they are worth anything, but we’ll have fun investigating with our client!


#4  – A needle in a haystack – well, not exactly. We did find a small slip of paper with the long-lost combination to the family safe, much to the relief of the family members. (Of course, a locksmith could have opened the safe, but it sure was fun to spin the lock and hear the click, as the safe opened!)


#3  – A long lost pair of diamond earrings given to a young girl on the day her dad remarried. No words can describe how happy our client was to find this special treasure.


#2  – When you sort through your mom’s old stack of LP’s and find that special one, titled: “How to strip for your husband”! (To clarify, this was a client’s mom’s LP)


#1 –  Love Letters – sweet, romantic, heartwarming… not enough adjectives to describe the feeling of finding a box full of someone’s love letters. Have we lost the art of mailing a handwritten note? Who could you write to today?