#10  – Corral all your batteries in one, and only one, storage bin. …Throw in a battery tester and you’re in business! Everyone will know where to find a battery when needed. No more opened packages of batteries hanging out in drawers, never to be found when needed!


#9 – Set-up a box, clearly labeled, for your obsolete and/or broken electronics…then keep your eyes open for a free e-Waste recycling event. Bam! This is a great way to responsibly discard electronics. 


 #8  – Take a clean sweep of the kitchen pantry and donate those items that no one wants to your local food bank… How many cans of soup do you really need? Extra boxes of pasta, toss them in too. This is a great way to share, and keep your pantry de-cluttered!


 #7  – Speaking of pantries – ditch the boxes that protein bars, granola bars, fruit snacks, and nuts come in… Place items in a fun basket for easy grab and go access. Bonus points: you can “see” when you’re running low on an item.


 #6  – Set-up a bottle recycling return center… when the bins fill up, take a trip to the nearest recycling center and cash in. Let family members purchase a treat, or consider donating the refund deposit to a local charity.


 #5  – Set-up a sports equipment center to store the current season’s sporting needs … makes it less stressful when you’re running out the door, to know exactly where your bats, balls, goggles and/or cleats are stored. Bonus points for promptly returning these items to their proper home after each game/meet.


 #4  – Keep a running grocery/pharmacy list going – in a convenient place… and encourage family members to add items to the list when they finish the last one or are in need of a specific item. Grocery shopping just got easier!


 #3  – Spring-clean your medicine cabinets and bag up expired, or no longer needed medications…then take a field trip to your local police station where you can safely dispose of the medications in the handy dropbox.


 #2  – When changing out your seasonal clothing, bag up those items you know you will not wear next season (e.g. too small)… clearly mark the bag, Fall Clothing / Coat Drive Donations, and place it with your out-of-season clothing. When Fall arrives, grab the bag and drop off those unwanted coats, boots, scarves, and hats – just in time, and season, for the community coat drive.


 #1 –  Make a written meal plan for the week … Bonus Points: include all family members. This will save you time and money  — and avoid the age-old question, night after night: “What’s for dinner?”