Top 10 Organizing Mis-steps to Avoid

#10 – Organizing and/or discarding someone else’s stuff, without their permission… oops, never a good idea!

#9 – Thinking you can organize an entire home or office in one day… oops, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day either! Organizing takes time! Schedule time for your organizing projects. 

 #8  – Keeping vital documents in super secret places, where even your loved ones can’t find them! … oops, store vital documents in one place, and let your loved ones know the spot! This includes passwords, as well. 

 #7  – Giving up on an organizing project because it looks worse than when you started… oops, this is normal. Things will look worse before they look better. Trust the process! 

 #6  – Failure to have a “launching pad” near the door you most frequently exit… oops, make sure there is a place for items that you need to grab just as you head out the door! 

 #5  – Storing frequently used items in inconvenient places… oops, you’ll likely not return the item to its rightful space, and that’s how piles start to form, everywhere!

 #4  – Saving lots and lots of papers… oops, 80% of all the paper we save, we never look at again. Check with your accountant and financial advisor on what to keep, and toss the rest! 

 #3  – Having multiple clothing sizes in jam-packed closets… oops, keep only the clothing in your current size in your closet, remove the rest. No judgment …and no hassle every morning, either. 

 #2  – Attempting to put 10 lbs. of sugar in a 5 lb. bag… oops, let’s face it, the sheer volume of items you are trying to keep may be the culprit.  How many potato peelers does one kitchen need?! 

 #1 –  Purchasing storage containers at the start of your project… oops, this should occur at the end of a project, when you know exactly what your storage needs are!