An all-too-common scenario that Ashe Organizing Solutions sees is much like this one, experienced by two brothers.

After the brothers’ dad passed away, their mom moved across country to live near one brother and enjoy a warmer climate. The other brother lived in New York City as a busy professional. The family’s then-empty former home needed to be cleaned out, staged and sold but no one had the time or energy to handle the situation.

A year later, the home still sat empty, with the brothers absolutely paralyzed at the thought of where to start, let alone how to prepare the home for sale and what to do with the years of belongings that had accumulated–but no one wanted. Worse, was that the brothers paid maintenance and utility costs for the property, plus taxes while it sat, un-occupied. Imagine the worry and anxiety they felt just thinking of the empty home!

Finally, the brothers engaged a Realtor and a home stager, who, in turn contacted Ashe Organizing Solutions for help.

Inside of two weeks Ashe Organizing Solutions did this:

  • Had a moving truck packed with all the items the brothers wanted and arranged for cross-country and local moves

  • Arranged for an auction house to the appraise some of the remaining items and move them to the showrooms for inclusion in an upcoming live auction

  • Hauled away items for donation and obtained receipts for all of them

  • Secured and supervised a curbside shredding service for all sensitive papers

  • Collaborated with contractors, the home stager and Realtor to maximize their time and efforts

  • Scheduled and supervised junk haul services, plus handyman services for minor repairs

With the work of Ashe Organizing Solutions complete, the other professionals were able to work their magic. The home looked amazing for its close-up listing photos and sold!

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