A short time ago, Ashe Organizing Solutions had the pleasure of working with a repeat client that we first met in 2014 when we assisted in downsizing the paternal mom’s home. Recently, the family reached out to us again, this time to help downsize and move the maternal dad. We were thrilled to reconnect with this wonderful family and jumped in to assist with all the moving parts and detailed plans of emptying a home that had been lived in for 60-plus years.

In short order, we had the movers lined up, the furniture layout for the dad’s new home completed and all the items were color coded and tagged for three separate delivery points. First stop – dad’s new home! .

Ashe Organizing Solutions met the movers at the new residence, supervised the unload and furniture placement, then set up the lovely new home for this amazing 94-year-old.

Every box was unpacked and what had been an empty space that move-in-day morning, became a warm and inviting home by late afternoon. Dad arrived the next day, thrilled to see all his familiar items set-up in his new home, and Colleen stopped in to assure that all was well in the world, complete with brownies and a big smile.

What we provided:

  • Layout of furniture for the new home

  • Arrangement of movers, including an onsite estimate, packing and unpacking

  • Tagging of home’s contents, including those to be moved (three stops), donated, recycled, and left for the home buyer

  • Hauling away of all items for donation, including donation receipts

  • Arrangement and supervision of deep cleaning of the home

  • Unpacking and organizing of the new home, with an eye on safety and ease of use

  • Maximization of closet space, including labeling to assist with maintenance

  • Suggestions for additional task lighting, bathroom shelving and TV placement

  • Recycling of all moving materials

  • Post-move check-in with home baked goods and a smile!

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