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“We hope to take what we learned and apply it to other disorganized areas.”

Ashe Organizing Solutions offers one-of-a-kind plans for the home    

Our Home Life solutions provide problem-solving strategies to solve so many household challenges for homes in Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester counties in New York. We focus on organizing closets and pantries, revamping rooms, creating clutter-free attics, garages, basements and sheds, performing holiday and party makeovers, moving preparation and unpacking services, creating household inventories and implementing paper management and bill pay systems. We can customize a specific plan for your individual needs, or you can select from one of our signature packages below.


The Family 411

An important, but often overlooked, item for every home is a central place for necessary information. Let AOS help you create your very own 411 Information Center. As formal as that sounds, it’s so critical to keeping your family on track, so why not!


The Busy Person’s Closet Makeover

A well-organized closet can save you time and money. We’ll help shape-up your morning routine, start your day off right and help you avoid the “double purchase” syndrome.


The Pantry Boutique

It’s all about saving you time and money. Our pantry re-do will make kitchen life easy as pie. Meal time will be a snap, snack time lots of fun and food prep a breeze!


Storage Unit Expulsion

With the best of intentions, maybe that storage unit has become a ball and chain around your life, not to mention your checkbook. Think for a second, do you even know what’s in that storage unit? Let AOS take a field trip with you and help you sort through your stuff!


The Perfect Playroom

Maybe it’s been a while since you could see your carpet. Perhaps the toy chest is busting at the seams. There’s a chance some game pieces are missing. Whether tots or tweens, a well organized playroom is totally within reach…and a joy to be in too.